David Nieves


Republican State Committeeman

May I introduce myself –

I am DAVID NIEVES, a Veteran, a father and a grandfather who is proud to be an American!  I want to leave this great country a better place for my children and grandchildren!

My father was a minister. My mother was a homemaker. I come from a large family. We are all still close today and work collaboratively, helping my mother and each other out when we can.  This is where I first learned the meaning of community and this is what I taught my children.

I am hardworking with an entrepreneurial spirit. I solve challenges every day. As a businessman, I have to come up with creative and practical solutions every day. I know how to listen to people to get any job done!

I work every day to support this country and our President! I support his efforts to “drain the swamp” not only in D.C. but within the Republican Party. My goal as State Committeeman is to listen to the people of Seminole County, to bring those voices to the Republican Party of Florida and to work hard together to make Seminole County RED again!!

Vote for David Nieves –

man of the people

Contact me at –

Dsnow6319@gmail.com or 407-383-4639